A new publication from Greensfelder and the Illinois Chamber of Commerce covering essential updates on employee leave issues is now available.FMLA, ADA, Military and Other Leave Issues

Greensfelder collaborated with the Chamber’s HR Illinois division to produce this new third edition of  “FMLA, ADA, Military and Other Leave Issues: A Guide for the Illinois Employer.” It is a 25-chapter, 160-page comprehensive guide that covers the latest on each of these important areas of employment law, providing insights on many common leave situations a manager or supervisor may encounter. Topics include disability discrimination laws, reasonable accommodations, FMLA qualifying reasons and calculations, and military leave coverage topics include USERRA, among others.

Scott Cruz served as the primary author for the new edition. Chris Bailey, David Wasserman and Mary Fletcher also contributed content. The result is a comprehensive and useful guide that should be a valuable resource for HR professionals and others with questions about leave issues that arise in their organizations’ day-to-day operations. The primary focus is to provide a broad working knowledge of the key issues related to the topics under each of the federal statutes, rather than legal or technical advice.

The publication is available through the Illinois Chamber and will also be provided to attendees of an upcoming seminar in Rock Island, Illinois, covering updates on leave issues. For more information on the seminar, to be presented by Scott Cruz on August 15, 2023, please visit the Chamber’s registration page here